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I've finally released a public "beta" of my first C# application and I've also uploaded all the source code to github.

The project in itself is quite straightforward, it fetches data from a JSON API that MaggoT and GORE have created for me. I then proceed to parse the JSON-array with and finally map the data against my classes, if there's a new update that the user hasn't seen before, an animated notification will appear with a message and a link to the profile of the user who has spawned the message.

The way I handle the events is pretty rudimentary, on program launch I run the first "poll" against the server and cache all the event ids that the API returns, at this point I don't create a notification from the data, I just save it. After the initial caching I start to poll the server every 10 seconds and parse through the result, if there's a new event id which I haven't earlier seen, the form will become visible, positioned and animated, the event id will be saved to the cache of ids. Rinse and repeat.

Tristram Status Notificator

You can download the application here.

Benjamin Horn
Benjamin Horn
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