Social networks aggregator for wordpress

Seeing as I'm unable to start working on a new design for my site (i.e. I suck at design), I thought I'd start at the other end, build some of the back-end stuff.

First off is a social updates aggregator, it's pretty much the same thing that I use today on my front-page, but instead of relying on the user to load the data form the different sources I'll instead fetch them and save them as custom posts in wordpress.

Edit a post

It's a pretty straightforward plugin called Social Streamer, and currently it supports Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube and Flickr. It's built to be easily expandable, there's one parent class, which in itself doesn't do anything and then there's child classes (or extensions) which handle the specific feeds (in this case all of the networks use RSS). Arguably, I could've just made some switch cases in the main class and be done with it, but because twitter's feed needed some extra cleaning, I felt like this was the best way to do it and still have an easy to read and easy to modify structure.

Admin interface

There's a very crude admin interface for the plugin where you can enter the username of the people you want to stream, And yes, this plugin supports multiple accounts from each network.

The plugin in itself is pretty useless, in other words, this is not a plug-and-play plugin, it doesn't add something in the sidebar. The main purpose of it is to get posts in to wordpress, how you choose to display them outward is up to you.

The plugin is readily available, for free, on github. Get it, enjoy it, play with it and enjoy it some more.

Benjamin Horn
Benjamin Horn
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