I feel like a lot of my spare time has gone into this game, and even though we did cut some corners, and not everything became just as we had thought them out, but I'm really glad that I get to use a portal reference.

We're out of beta, we're releasing on time! - GladOS


So what is monorun? It's a simple game, you're a positive particle, trying to escape the negative ones. You control the game with either your mouse or your finger (if you have a touch device). The longer you last positively, the longer you will be represented on the high score list. Notice how I say the longer you'll last? That's right, your score decays, and when it reaches zero it will disappear completely from the high score list.


The game has been developed by me and Carlos Eriksson. I've been working primarily on the game engine, the game, the back end and everything in between. While Carlos has taken care of the story, the front end markup and the design.


I've already posted a long post about how we made the game. Read it here!


Throughout the development process (which isn't complete yet), we've tried to test the game on as many devices as we've come in contact with. This means that the game has been tested on Android, Apple, Micrsoft's phones and tablets, as well as many of the latest browser's that are available on the desktop. The game doesn't support older browsers of which lack support for the html5 tag Canvas.


You can play the game on monorun's website (update Feb 2018, the website has been taken down), or, if you dare, you can download the complete source code of the whole game, back end included, from the github repository.

Benjamin Horn
Benjamin Horn
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