I've worked a lot with SVN at devotia, but at bazooka we're moving more and more towards using git. Git is in no way a new thing, it's been around for at least 7 years now and is the preferred way for source control in the open source community. Not surprising since one of the founders/authors of Git is Linus Torvalds.

Enough rambling.

So I'm not really familiar with Git but since we're using it for a lot of our projects at bazooka, it's one of the things I get to learn in a working environment. Earlier today I already fucked my local repository once so I thought it'd be best if I' also use Git for my personal projects.

Said and done, I've created a Github user and created my first repo. I chose one of my latest projects, jsdrawer, to be the first Git project I have. Not because it's in anyway super amazing, but because it's a working/functional product on which you can build more upon.

The best thing so far that I've found with git is the local repository, it feels more sane to have everything that's in beta-stage on your personal machine and then push it up to the central repository once it's stable. But at the same time, this means you get a lot of extra commands to remember, gone are the days with the basic commands of svn up/checkout/commit. Instead you almost need a complete guide with all the functionality git offers. But I guess it's for the better.

Benjamin Horn
Benjamin Horn
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