Canvas drawer

I actually created this a few weeks ago, but I never figured out where I wanted to take it. So I left the project as is.

The reason for why I started it is that I wanted to try out a new technique, where you build up your object in multiple files, multiple "modules" if you want. In this project, the object is built up by the following three modules;

  • The core, which is the interface to the user
  • The mousehandler, which detects the mouse movements
  • The painter, which actually does the drawing on the canvas

So the JS drawer, which you probably already guessed, is a drawing application made with javascript and the canvas object. At the moment it supports two kinds of inputs. Either to draw straight lines, or then drawing by free hand. The drawer also supports multiple styles which can be defined on the fly.

The problem I have at the moment is that I'd like to continue the work on this small project, but I have no idea where I'd like to take it.

So do you have any ideas? Or should I just leave it as is?

jsdrawer example jsdrawer source

[Update 13.09.2012] Uploaded the source, with documentation, to Github

Benjamin Horn
Benjamin Horn
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