About Benjamin Horn

I’ve worked as a professional developer since 2007, before that I studied information technology and business related studies.

I was born in Germany, but have spent most of my life in Vaasa, Finland. Lived in Stockholm for a couple of years, moved back over the pond to Helsinki, and then Espoo, finally going full circle back to Vaasa, where I currently reside.

I've worked for a bunch of different companies, but almost exclusively in agency/consultancy type of settings. Which in turn means I've been in contact with a large variety of different problem domains and business challenges, both domestic and internationally. This has also given me exposure to an extensive list of technologies, frameworks, libraries, and way of working.

My current day-to-day tech stack (as of 2021) is primarily OOP based modern PHP, and JS (mostly centering around react).

Although I've lately haven't had too much time for personal projects, I do have quite the backlog of previous projects (in various states) on my github profile.

This website

I initially launched this website back in '09, this is the forth iteration. I started out with a self built engine, moved over to Wordpress (of which I've basically had 2 different themes), and now I'm running the site on NextJS.

The content has changed quite a bit, and throughout every migration I've removed older posts that are either completely irrelevant, or do not make any sense in today's day and age.

Benjamin Horn
Benjamin Horn
Developer at Bazooka
A full-stack developer who's worked with a multitude of different technologies throughout the years.
Vaasa, Finland