I’ve worked as a professional developer since 2007, (full time since 2008), before that I studied information technology and business related studies. I was born in Germany, but have spent most of my life in Vaasa, Finland. Lived in Stockholm for a couple of years, moved back over the pond to Helsinki in 2015 and then Espoo (2017), finally moving back to Vaasa in ’18, where I currently reside.

Professional background

The first few years I worked at a small web production company called Devotia in Vasa, Finland. We mostly built sites surrounding web-communities where some of the products went on to become quite big.

In early 2012, me and my girlfriend, Paulina, decided that we wanted to mix things up a bit. I got a job offer from Bazooka, a digital web agency located in Stockholm, Sweden. We moved to Sweden during the summer of 2012 (and moved back to Finland in the spring of 2015). I got the opportunity to work with a lot of clients at Bazooka from small local-businesses to multinational corporations.

I consider myself something of a full-stack web developer, which means that I have practical experience working both with server-side and client-side programming. Some of the languages that I use on a daily basis are PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Node.js and HTML/CSS. I’ve built projects with tools like WordPress, AngularJS, PhoneGap, Laravel, PyroCMS, react, react-native, redux, to name a few. I also have a lot of experience setting up and maintaining Linux based servers (Debian being the distro I usually go for).

For those of you who are interested to know more about me professionally, here’s a link to my linkedin profile.

Spare time

A lot of my spare time is used on tinkering with things, but most of it revolve around technology. One of the things that got me into programming in 2004 was making small games. And this is something I still do when I want to learn a new language or try out an idea. My latest personal game that I released was Monorun, which is available as a web game (based on Javascript and canvas). I later ported the game to Windows Phone using XNA and C#. Seeing as these were personal projects I decided early on that I would release all the source code on github, which I did.


I picked up photography a few years ago, and I try to go out as often as possible to improve myself. A lot of my pictures go up on this blog, and I try to upload as much as possible to my flickr account, but admittedly, this is something I usually forget to do.

This website

This blog started out as a personal project in 2010, I wanted to code something. It has since evolved, and not much of the original code has been kept. I moved the page over to WordPress in 2012, leaving the custom blog-engine behind.

The page has been through a lot of iterations, and the number of categories in the menu has grown and shrunk as time has passed. Today there’s only two categories left; Journal and Coding.


When we packed our bags and moved to Sweden, I decided to start blogging more frequently, one post every week to be exact. Most of the posts in Journal are based from this decision and you can find them under the tag Weekly update (the weekly update projected ended 2016 after running for roughly 4 years).


The coding section is more of a notebook than a portfolio (through out the years I’ve worked on so many projects that I’d have a hard time remembering them all), I try to document things as much as possible so I can reference back to them at a later date. I write mostly about Javascript, PHP and server configurations.


Send me an email to benjamin [at] benjaminhorn.se or message me on irc.freenode.net, my nick is beije. I’m also available on twitter as @benjhorn. And I try to be active on github as well.